BDSwiss Launches Trade Companion: A New Trader Mentoring Tool

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BDSwiss is excited to announce the launch of the latest addition to its trader’s toolkit, Trade Companion. Designed to collect individual trading data and create a comprehensive view of one’s trading history and patterns, the tool offers traders unique insights into their personal trading performance.

Despite there being numerous tools for interpreting and analysing market trends, the BDSwiss Business Intelligence team observed that traders lacked access to tools that would enable them to dissect their personal trading performance metrics. To address this need, the team conceptualized, designed, and developed Trade Companion.

Trade Companion is now available exclusively to BDSwiss VIP/Raw account holders.

Monitor. Analyse. Improve

Often, small patterns in one’s trading behaviour may go unnoticed but may have a significant impact on trading results. Data analysis can help traders interpret these unconscious behaviours, identify their flaws, and make the necessary modifications to their strategy.

Available directly on the BDSwiss Dashboard, Trade Companion will enable traders to view the following performance metrics:

  • Asset Analysis: An extensive summary of which assets were traded the most, which resulted in either wins or losses over a certain timeframe and payout ratios.
  • Overview of Personal Trading History: To help CFD traders plan their positions more efficiently, Trade Companion gives them an overview of which asset classes they traded the most and which were the most successful.
  • Analysis of Trade Durations and Times: The tool offers useful data such as the impact of market opening times, duration and profitability of open trades, order types, and more. These metrics can help traders identify which market sessions, trading times, and orders types are best suited for their trading strategies.
    Committed to Empowering Traders with Innovative Tools

    BDSwiss understands the importance of comprehensive, thorough education and reliable analytical research tools when it comes to trader performance. With a renowned, inhouse team of industry experts working meticulously to provide traders with extensive daily financial coverage and market commentary, BDSwiss understands insightful market analysis to be crucial for traders of any level.

    Complementing external market data, Trade Companion seeks to provide traders with deep personal insights into their own trading behaviours, patterns and performance – enabling them to quickly identify the shortcomings of their trading strategies and to make the necessary changes that will help them take their trading to the next level.

    The Head of Business Transformation at BDSwiss, Manos Iosifakis, has commented on the launch: “We all tend to have a biased view of our own performance. Our decision-making is less rational than we think, and that’s where Trade Companion comes in. Trade Companion can be seen as a virtual private trading mentor of sorts, and we are delighted to be offering our clients a unique tool that enables them to gain deep personal insights into their own trading patterns and performance so they can establish more successful habits.

    Having access to a visual representation of trading performance is useful in analysing personal trading patterns and in identifying what elements of one’s strategy need to be tweaked. As the only tool of its kind on the market, Trade Companion is a testament to our long-standing commitment to the success of our clients and our continuous efforts in offering the most contemporary trading tools available in the market.”

    While no one can anticipate how the financial market landscape will change over time, it’s certain that personal performance analytics can help traders of any level understand where they made the right decisions. With time, BDSwiss plans to turn Trade Companion into a full trading mentor system which traders will ultimately come to consider as an irreplaceable component of their trading toolkit.

    Learn more about Trade Companion, here.

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